• Latest news | May 2019 - Pulse Controller software has been updated. Please contact us for download.
  • Latest news | April 2019 - Portamentos Max For Live device now available.
  • Latest news | July 2019 - Scale Fold Max For Live device now available.

Pulse Controller is a hardware / software solution that liberates computer-based musicians and performers from conventional input devices by allowing surfaces - desks, laptops, objects and more - to become playable MIDI controllers. An included piezo sensor coupled with a powerful software mapping interface converts acoustic impulses into MIDI Note messages for playing your software instruments in an intuitive, responsive and connected manner.

A useful drum arpeggiator for Ableton Live that enables you to quickly perform complex rhythmic parts. Use the xy grid with a mouse, or assign an xy controller for hands on access.

A pair of devices to allow for quick MIDI composition inside Ableton Live. Generate chords in a variety of keys at the click of a mouse (or press of a key on a MIDI keyboard) and create complex arpeggio patterns via a powerful step sequencer.

This 2-in-1 device turbocharges your pitch wheel to dynamically adjust its range depending on what key you're playing in, and also allows you to use MIDI note velocity to perform and program portamento slides of various durations.

This device allows you to constrain visible notes in Ableton Live's MIDI editor to only display notes in a selected music scale, so that you never sequence out of key.