TET Music | Apollo Chord Designer Features

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  • Latest news | July 2019 - Apollo Chord Designer now available.
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If you snoozed through music theory classes, then this MIDI effect device is for you. Use preset chords or create custom ones, pluck notes of the chord manually, and use 3 octaves of "free play" keys to always play in key. Can be used with or without controller. Includes mapping profiles for grid controllers, and ability to create your own mappings to work with any other controller.


  • 32 chord slots - use preset chords or create your own.
  • change chord type, inversion, add bass notes, spread, and change octave.
  • when creating custom chords, keyboard will highlight notes in the selected key and scale
  • copy and paste settings from one chord slot to another
  • 3 octaves of "free play" keys for playing melodies on top of chords, in the selected key and scale
  • 8 additional triggers for plucking notes of the active chord
  • strum option for adding strumming motions to the chords
  • use with Push, Launchpad, or create a custom mapping for any other MIDI controller
  • chord slots can also be triggered with the mouse
NEW IN V1.4:.

The new Link feature allows you to link triggered pads to corresponding sequences in our Arpeggio Designer device, enabling you to create expressive monophonic and polyphonic phrases based on chord input from Apollo Chord Designer. Link can also be used with multiple Arpeggio Designer devices on different channels, allowing you to trigger mutliple instrument phrases from a single instance of Apollo Chord Designer.