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This handy utility lets you quickly transpose up or down by octaves with a single click. In the side pane that can be accessed by clicking the right arrow, you can also limit the range of notes affected by transposition. This is useful when working with key-switched instruments, so that any key switch data remains unaffected. Works great when saved as part of your default MIDI track (right-click a MIDI track, then select Save As Default).

Download Octave Transposer


This utility performs two functions: 1) click cells on/off to allow or prevent notes from being passed through and 2) click a cell and change transposition for the corresponding note. This can be useful when triggering several instruments from the same MIDI data, like instrument racks containing multiple instruments for example, allowing you to filter and adjust how each of them responds to the input. Incoming notes are highlighted to let you know which cells they correspond to.

Download Filter And Remap


This utility provides a flexible matrix for creating your own key switch mappings. In / out notes are specified in the additional options side pane that can be accessed by clicking the arrow. You can enter a name for each slot, so that you can quickly identify articulations without needing to open the plug-in window. The active key switch will be highlighted green. Also included is the ability to use momentary key switching, where releasing a key switch automatically returns to a default switch.

Download Keyswitches


This MIDI device remembers held keys and automatically retriggers the last-pressed key (if still held) when a key is released. This makes it easier to play legato melodies and fast trills. The device has an option to overlap note-off and note-on, which is useful for triggering legato transitions in sampled instruments, like strings, woodwinds and brass. Give it a try, it feels very natural!

Download MIDI Trills