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  • Latest news | April 2019 - Portamentos Max For Live device now available.

Working with pitch bend can be a pain... When using the pitch wheel, it's easy to overshoot or undershoot the target note as the pitch wheel only controls a static semitone range. It's also challenging performing and editing portamento lines as synthesizers also have a static bend range and it can be difficult to figure out how a 14bit MIDI value corresponds to musical pitch. This Max For Live devices solves these issues, making performing and programming portamento slides quick and intuitive.


  • intercepts pitch-bend information and scales it to the key/scale you're playing in
  • moving pitch-bend up or down only slides to the adjacent note in the key/scale - no more, no less.
  • 20 available scale "mappings", including most commonly used scales
  • when playing overlapping notes, uses MIDI note velocity to determine duration of slide to the next note
  • editable velocity > duration graph for adjusting portamento speed after the fact
Requires Ableton Live and Max For Live.