• Latest news | Dec 2020 - MIDI Manipulator for Ableton Live now available.
  • Latest news | May 2019 - Pulse Controller software has been updated. Please contact us for download.
  • Latest news | July 2019 - Apollo Chord Designer now available.
  • Latest news | July 2019 - Scale Fold Max For Live device now available.
  • Latest news | April 2019 - Portamentos Max For Live device now available.

An extremely useful note repeater for Ableton Live that enables you to quickly perform complex rhythmic parts. Use the xy grid with a mouse, or assign an xy controller for hands-on access.


  • divide the grid into multiple zones
  • select a tempo-synced repeat rate for each grid zone
  • use free rate zone for non-synced repetitions, specifying lowest and highest repeat in ms
  • control the Uzi grid with a mouse or a MIDI controller
  • note output can be a fixed note or set via MIDI controller input
  • download immediately upon purchase
  • requires prior installation of Max For Live