TET Music | Arpeggio Designer Features

  • Latest news | May 2019 - Pulse Controller software has been updated. Please contact us for download.
  • Latest news | July 2019 - Apollo Chord Designer now available.
  • Latest news | July 2019 - Scale Fold Max For Live device now available.
  • Latest news | April 2019 - Portamentos Max For Live device now available.

Ever wanted your Ableton arpeggiator to do more? Now it can! Arpeggio Designer gives each of your held notes its own sequencer lane, with velocity and duration per step. It can be used monophonically or polyphonically, and pairs very well with Apollo Chord Designer.


  • sequence arpeggio patterns from chords you play via powerful step sequencer
  • control velocity and note duration per step
  • works monophonically or polyphonically (chords)
  • sequencer can have 1-32 steps
  • use multiple instances in conjunction with Apollo Chord Designer to quickly generate musical ideas
Note that the included Chord Explorer has been superseded by a separate, more advanced product, the Apollo Chord Designer.