TET Music | Chord Explorer & Arpeggio Designer Features

  • Latest news | May 2019 - Pulse Controller software has been updated. Please contact us for download.
  • Latest news | April 2019 - Portamentos Max For Live device now available.
  • Latest news | July 2019 - Scale Fold Max For Live device now available.

A pair of devices to allow for quick MIDI composition inside Ableton Live. Generate chords in a variety of keys at the click of a mouse (or press of a key on a MIDI keyboard) and create complex arpeggio patterns via a powerful step sequencer.


  • sequence arpeggio patterns from chords you play via powerful step sequencer
  • control velocity and note duration per step
  • works monophonically or polyphonically (chords)
  • sequencer can have 1-32 steps
  • use multiple instances in conjunction with Chord Explorer to quickly generate musical ideas
  • create simple and complex chords in various keys via click of a mouse
  • chords can also be triggered via single key presses on a MIDI keyboard
  • chord types can be assigned to different octaves on your MIDI keyboard