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  • Latest news | Chord Explorer & Arpeggio Designer midi composition tools for Ableton Live now available.
  • Latest news | Uzi Note Repeater for Ableton Live now available.
  • Latest news | Pulse Controller is now offered with a clip sensor or a suction cup sensor.
  • Latest news | Pulse Controller receives "Music Tech Excellence" award from Music Tech Magazine! See excerpts from the review here.

The Pulse Controller is a hardware / software solution that liberates computer-based musicians and performers from conventional input devices by allowing surfaces - desks, laptops, objects and more - to become playable MIDI controllers. An included piezo sensor coupled with a powerful software mapping interface converts acoustic impulses into MIDI Note messages for playing your software instruments in an intuitive, responsive and connected manner.


"After seeing this product quite a few months back pre-release, we're happy to find it really does offer a fun and convenient way to input rhythmic MIDI parts with minimal kit. A simple but well executed idea that's a perfect companion for the finger-tapping musician. 10/10"

Music Tech Magazine

"The Pulse Controller is a lot of fun. It invites you to be creative and try different things out. When working with Pulse, I often found myself recording longer sections and then listening back to them and selecting all the good bits to edit further. It's a great way of coming up with things you wouldn't normally do!"


"You know the type. The drummer who, even robbed of drum sticks, is tapping on the walls, the car door, the desk... and maybe you are that person. When rhythms and musical gestures are bouncing around your head, the whole world just feels like something you want to play. It seems as natural as breathing. So, given your computer can make anything an input, why shouldn't it let you play like that? A new controller and software combo seeks to make that possible."

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